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Angel  - James Patterson Wow.This book was incredible.However, it did break my heart to see such heartbreaking (I know, redundant) scenes between Fang and Max! I even cried a little )': Okay, a lot.I don't really like Dylan. Well, actually, I would probably like him if he didn't like Max. But since I am totally in love with Fang already, I can't like Dylan.Well, anyway, I really thought this was a fresh, great novel. The plot was intense, and I liked all the action.Well, it made me really happy that Fang and Max met up. (: Sadly, they didn't act madly in love, and that was a bit upsetting. ): Oh well.It occurred to me that if I keep talking I am totally going to give something away. So I'm going to end this review here.Fang + Max Forever (: