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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - *****FINAL RATING: 4.65 STARS*****CATCHALLInsurgent was even better than Divergent. I raced through it eagerly, putting aside homework that suddenly seemed unimportant in the face of Insurgent. I actually thought they were sold out of it at my local Barnes & Noble when I went the Thursday after its release. I was horrified. Then I found a single lone copy sitting on the customer service desk. So I took it shamelessly. And I was extremely happy that I did.THE HEROINEBEATRICE PRIORI loved Tris so much. She was such a wonderful heroine. She displays many shocking weakness but ultimately comes out stronger for having them. Instead of cowering down, she rises up bravely. Her selflessness will show a bit more strongly in this book than it has before, too. Tris matures in more ways than one, proving herself. I thought she made an even better heroine in the book than she ever did in Divergent. I really admired Tris for some of the choices she made and some of the things she went through.THE LOVE INTERESTTOBIAS (FOUR) EATONI still think that Tobias is a weird name, but it mostly works on him. I still preferred it when he was called Four. That business aside, he was incredible in this book. And still ridiculously hot. I swear to God, it was all I could do to remember that he unfortunately doesn't actually exist. Sigh. But he was so good and strong and powerful in this book, and it was impossible not to admire that.I love the other characters, really I do, but for the sake of time and length I am leaving them out of this review…for now.THE PLOTThe plot was freaking epic.Like really. It was so awesome that there are limited ways to describe it.It was a total thriller and absolutely lived up to its name. I couldn't fathom what would happen next, and there were so many twists and turns that just when I thought I'd figured it out I turned out to be totally wrong.I could not help reading this book throughly until I was finished, physically unable to put it down!It's sad, it's happy, it's moving, it breathtaking, but overall it is mostly just gorgeous.It was a wonderful, entertaining and fun but dangerous and haunting plot.THE ROMANCEThere's more heart and hurt to the romance than before. It's not always smooth sailing. It is very rarely smooth sailing, in fact. But Tris and Tobias are a wonderful couple and always manage to work through everything as a team. Even when they disagree, they get over it. Their romance also has some sweet and fluffy moments that are impossible not to love and is totally thrilling. It's absolutely beautiful and very, very real.THE WRITINGVeronica's writing and Tris' voice have beautified and matured. The description is absolutely gorgeous, and I can visualize the city. I can map it out even now from memory, thanks in no small part to the attention to detail. It is much improved from her debut novel, but even that was lovely. Still, she's improved and that;s always a good thing to see.THE ENDINGIt was a cliffhanger! A cruel, cruel cliffhanger! I absolutely thought it was a brilliant tactic and probably the perfect spot to end it, but oh, the agony! Waiting a year just might kill me in the process. It was incredible and perfect, too, but I only wish selfishly that I knew now what came next.WRAPUPWell, of course I'm reading Untitled! I personally think it should be titled Resurgent, but then, I will read it no matter what it is called. I am greatly looking forward to it. It should satisfy my cliffhanger desperation and is sure to be a brilliant ending to the trilogy!FINE.Read more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!