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Hello all! I'm Annabelle, a (currently inactive but soon to be back) book blogger with a thing for red roses and rain and fictional boys.

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In Cold Blood - Truman Capote Oh. My. God.I honestly don't think I can say anything else for a few moments.Oh, oh my God.This book was terrifyingly, horrifyingly beautiful. It tore me apart and made me think and scream and feel so many other things that I've never felt before.It was stunning, and blew me away. Provocative and enticing, it was nearly impossible to put down.And it's impossible to forget about. It's branded permanently into my mind. I'm still thinking, even now, about everything that happened and how it all played out in the end.I can't even breathe right now.My heart broke. It really did. The book was so real, so flawless, so devastatingly emotional, that it is impossible not to be drawn in to Capote's beautiful writing.Oh, goodness, but I cried so much. It really hit me hard, this book did. I couldn't think straight for a whole ten minutes after finishing the last page because my mind was spinning in a million different directions.Everything Capote writes is meant to make the reader reflect, to think, to feel. While there is a definite bias, CApote stays fairly true to his nonfiction genre and inspires some terrifyingly intense emotions.The quick hit? Beautiful, terrifying, and real.An absolute must-read for everyone.