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Slayed - Amanda Marrone FINAL RATING: 2.70 STARSThis was quite a lovely, quick read. Tyler Harker is impressively hot, Daphne is a better-than-average heroine, and Kiki is a lively, bright character.The plot was smooth, if a little too undetailed for my taste. It flowed nicely but seemed to end too soon, with no real resolution.Daphne was a strong heroine with faults, and I liked that about her. Kiki, however, stole the spotlight with her dazzling personality and brightness. Tyler was lovely and dark and forbidden, keeping the story well-rounded if a bit overly typical.Marrone's writing style is simple and easy to follow, but has few frills, if that's your thing. She reminds me a bit of Hemingway in a twisted, convoluted way. It's easy to follow but almost sullenly simplistic.*****WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOWING*****This is my one of my major complaints: why the hell does the book end with them in bed?! I get that romance is a big part of the YA genre these days, but it's not everything. It irritated me to no end. It's not a romance novel; there's no reason why the book needed to end with the characters getting dirty.My other complaint: why does Daphne file to become an emancipated minor at the end of the novel, leaving her parents? What does this say about teens' relationships with their parents today? It's simply not realistic and cannot possibly be taken seriously.These two faults ruined the book for me, but I do plan on reading more Marrone.