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A Million Suns - Beth Revis ****FINAL RATING: 4.35 STARS****CATCHALLI didn't enjoy A Million Suns quite as much as Across the Universe, but I still really, really, really, loved it. I couldn't put it down. There was action and romance on every page, leaving me wanting more. It was extremely good and while I think it was a bit slow at some points, in general it was perfect.THE HEROELDERI thought Elder progressed and degressed (I think I made that word up) in equal measure in this book. He can be patronizing sometimes, which can be real irritating and got on my nerves a lot of the time. I thought he tried very hard to be a good leader, which was admirable, but he didn't always know what the right thing to do was, which was realistic.THE HEROINEAmy was stronger in this book, which I really admired. She was a better person in general, I think, too, and also much more relatable. She has struggles that are really reflected in her character but she comes through them very well and becomes a force to be dealt with. Amy is more than just the outsider on the ship now. She's fierce and ready to stand up for what's right.THE SECONDARY CHARACTERSVICTRIAHer story saddened me. She has such conflicting desires, an it's really heartbreaking to see that in her. She tries to be a good person, I think, but has a difficult reconciling that with herself and her beliefs. i would have liked to know more about her.DOCWe don't actually physically see a whole lot of him in this book, but he is clearly and definitely there. He's a dynamic character, definitely, and a lot of what we learn about him I would have never seen coming.BARTIEHe was an extremely intriguing character. I was always looking forward to what move he was going to make next, what he was going to say. In the end, he wasn't so difficult to understand, not at all. In fact, he's an extremely relatable character.THE PLOTThe plot was freaking intense.Every single page had a new twist or a new but vital scrap of information.The entire book was thick with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the next radical event.It was hardly boring, and only flawed but what I felt were a few pointless scenes that didn't progress the story at all, but I concede that they may become important later. Still, I absolutely loved it.THE ROMANCEThe romance in A Million Suns is more prominent than in Across the Universe, but is still traditionally sweet and smooth, not instalovey or rapidly moving. It really develops in a beautiful way and the chemistry between the characters is really palpable. The romance is definitely one of my favorites.THE WRITINGRevis' writing has only improved since Across the Universe. Her imagery is both haunting and provocative, inspiring me immensely. It could hardly have been better. Revis really expands on a lot of the things that were previously unclear in a lovely way, and both Elder's and Amy's voices have grown and matured.THE ENDINGOnce again, we have been left with a remarkably cruel cliffhanger and have to wait months to find out what will happen next. It is a wonderful, perfectly-utilized way of closing the novel. It is so very signaturely Revis and I adored it absolutely. The ending left me freaking out, but also many conflicts were resolved or at least partially resolved. The ending was a bit rushed, but overall nearly amazing.WRAPUPOf course, I am reading Shades of Earth. I have to! That huge cliffhanger doesn't allow for anything less! I am ridiculously excited to read it and am already wondering what is next!FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!