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Caradoc of the North Wind (Destinys Path) - Allan Frewin Jones ****FINAL RATING: 4.00 STARS****CATCHALLDue to being UK fiction, these books aren't too well known, but I absolutely adore them nonetheless. They can be hard to read at times but are a whole lot of fun despite their content and make fun reads for when I need a break. They're perfect read to go to and have lovely covers. I love these books, and I think they're really amazing.THE HEROINEBRANWENBranwen definitely grows in this book. She starts out prideful in the beginning of this book, and then slowly comes to accept her responsibilities and her humanity as she learns who she really is. She grows into herself and develops powerfully as a strong female character who won't take no for an answer. She's stubborn, but admirably so. I think she made a wonderful arc and I loved seeing how she grew in this one.THE LOVE INTERESTIWANHe's charming and gorgeous. It'd be totally insane not to fall in love with him immediately! I love how he can be so smooth on the outside but be so totally unsure on the inside. It's so sweet. He's brave, he's strong, but he definitely has a softer side! He's a really awesome character and probably half the reason I read these books so much. I beyond adore him.THE COMPANIONSI'm not going to go over them all, only cover two of them in-depth. However, I must say I adore all of Branwen's companions.RHODRIRhodri has been a faithful friend from the beginning and I love him for it! He is always steady and loyal no matter what, even when terrible things happen. He real stands by what he believes in no matter what, and that's just so awesome to see!BLODWEDDI liked her so much more than I did before for much of this book. She's really developed as a character and become so much more relatable and even real. I was completely shocked by a plot twist involving her that was thrown in later but not altogether completely unsurprised.THE PLOTThere was a lot of action. A lot of death and sadness and horror. But also, a lot of love and happiness and light. There was a lot of everything.I really, really, really loved it, and that's saying something. More than I thought I would, even.I found myself enthralled, drawn into the book further and further with each page that passed. Pulled inside until it became my absolute world. It enveloped me utterly and completely and I loved every single moment of it.There were a ton of unexpected twists, and yet I never felt lost. I always knew enough that I could tell exactly what was going on, and that was awesome. I felt I knew exactly what the characters were going through, and I loved that!To sum this book up in a word, it was incredible.THE ROMANCEThese books are light and sweet on romance, which is both nice and not nice. nice because it leaves room for an actual story, but not nice because I want more! More love, more romance, more kissing. More, simply! I really love the chemistry and how beautifully everything is written. Honestly, my sole complaint in the romance department is lack of a sufficient amount.THE WRITINGI won't lie to you: Frewin's writing can often be hard to understand. i struggled more than once trying to understand what the heck the characters were even saying. The description is beautiful, but at times a bit too much, and sometimes at its worst the writing is hard to comprehend completely clearly. It doesn't significantly detract form the story, but it is a damper.THE ENDINGThe ending was wonderful, open a bit but still mostly resolved. There's a lovely and sweet moment at the end that I adored and thought was incredibly cute, and I like the implication that there was more to come, that there would always be more to come. The ending could not have been better, if you ask me.WRAPUPThis is supposedly the last book in the series, although I find myself hoping vehemently for another. I really do want to know more, and this author is one that can really take you places. I loved this series in its entirety and am thinking I would love to read more from this author very soon!FINE.Read my of my reviews at Sparkles and Lightning!