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Fairy Blues - J.L. Bryan ****FINAL RATING: 4.40 STARS****CATCHALLI loved Fairy Metal Thunder, but Fairy Blues was even better! More action, more drama, more romance—more everything. It went up and down and had such an awesome plot. I couldn't bear to put it down for a minute. I always needed to know what happened next. It was an absolutely amazing book and I loved every second of it.THE HERO JASONI liked Jason more in this book than in the last for sure. I'm not sure why, exactly, but overall I feel like he worked harder in this story. Sure, he does a questionable thing or two, but hello, I am a teenager too. We're supposed to do questionable things from time to time. Anyway, the guilt he feels really makes him human and relatable—that's the thing that makes him real. I felt more connected to him in this book than in the last, and that was beyond awesome.THE LOVE INTERESTERINWe get some of Erin's POV in this book, which was so much fun and exactly what I wanted! I got to know her better too, and the reasons behind her actions. She was much more understandable, and I liked her better as a result. I genuinely began to feel like she's the type of girl I'd look for in a friend, and that's always a good feeling to have about book characters. I absolutely wanted to learn more about her.THE OTHER BAND MEMBERSMITCHSo, I still like Mitch. He's hilarious! And awesome. I seriously couldn't get enough of him. I wanted to know more about him every moment and wished he'd been in the book more, although I admit that he was in it a lot. Still! Sure, he had faults—several of them, actually, but everyone does! He was anything but sensible and a little blinded, but it was done so realistically.DREDShe was in this book very little, or maybe I just didn't notice her. Either way, I still don't really like her, unfortunately. I know she's the down-to-earth one who tries keeps everyone grounded. Even though I know how smart that is, it's still a bit annoying. Even so, I understand her motives and I can respect that.THE LUTISTAOIDEAoide was in the first book quite a bit, but I didn't mention her because there wasn't much to say about her besides that she was a fluffy faerie. She really grew as a character, though, and in this book we find out a lot more about her. It's hard not to admire the lengths she's willing to go to to retrieve the magic instruments. Instead of sitting back and waiting for someone to take care of the problem for her, she stands up and takes charge.THE PLOTI loved the plot of this book! Between the record deal and the search for the magical instruments, the was so much action I could hardly put it down. And why would I have even wanted to?I love using the word awesome to describe these books. But actually, they are more than awesome. They are like—awesome gold. The kind of unique idea that you rarely run across.And I loved the plot. It was fun of action and drama and it was nearly impossible to find a point to put it down.I already said that, but i am emphasizing how much I mean it.Some parts were a little too predictable, but that's fine. A little predictability I can deal with. And besides, there was enough mystery that I simply thought it wasn't a problem. There were a enough plot twists that I was kept guessing, but I knew enough that I didn't get constantly frustrated.So, yes, I absolutely loved the plot. More about keeping the instruments, more about getting them back. Now far introduced too, which was awesome. (Although I missed Icarus, as he wasn't in it very much—not that I have an excuse for liking him. I just do.) Still, some new creatures were introduced too, and they completely charmed me!THE ROMANCEThe romance develops still more and this book! And it's even better, because we get to see some of it from Erin's side now, and a bit of why she acts the way she does. It was really awesome to see. I love the way it develops slowly and instead of developing too quickly, is sweet and slow. And instead of being a main focus of the story, it still remains mostly on the side but prominent enough to be noticed. Even Aoide has a little bit of a romance.THE WRITINGJeff's writing has only gotten better! It's unbelievable who much I've come to love it in such a short time. I can literally never get enough. It's absolutely beautiful—and crazy descriptive without being overwhelming. I love the voices of the individual characters and I love the third person. It's so beautifully done! It flows so nicely and I feel like I'm really there, even when things take place in Fairyland and it's harder to imagine.THE ENDINGI loved the ending! Everything came up to a fantastic and dramatic climax and it was impossible not to fall in love. One big conflict resolved, a million more small ones created—it left me wanting but not feeling cheated! I loved how well everything came together and how it fit smoothly. I loved watching the way everything fir together and I loved everything so much.WRAPUPFairy Blues was awesome, and I can't wait to start Fairystruck! I am unbelievably eager to begin. I can't wait to read more of Jeff's beautiful, beautiful writing. I highly, highly recommend this series for anyone! Girls and boys—both will love it! I seriously think thus is one of the few series that will appeal to most people and I think that it's amazing!FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!