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For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund ***FINAL RATING: 4.60 STARS***CATCHALLI've read almost all of Jane Austen's books. In fact, the only one I haven't read, ironically enough, is Persuasion. I'll have to read it soon, I think, to help me further appreciate this book. Still, I am of the firm belief that this book was still awesome nonetheless. I literally couldn't put it down. All I wanted to do was read this book. I was far from perfect, but it was still unbelievable awesome.THE HEROINEELLIOT NORTHUnfortunately, Elliot didn't work as a name for me. I know that she was named to parallel Anna Elliot without having the have the exact same name, but it still didn't work for me. I really didn't like the name on her and I was completely disappointed by the name. Anywas, the stupid name aside, I really liked her. Sure, she was unusually dense, and kind of ignorant on some matters, but it also clear that she was really intelligent and had some awesome ideas. She was the girl who could save her people, and moreover, she wanted to. She worked hard at being a good person and while she had faults—many of them—she was a truly admirable character.THE LOVE INTERESTMALAKAI WENTFORTHOh, jeez, Kai is hot. So very, very hot. So what if he kind of acts like a jerk for one-half to two-thirds of the novel? Actually, I know I shouldn't find it hot, but it is actually really hot and I can't deny it. I absolutely fell in love with him. despite the strong and unaffected front he put on, he has a sweet heart and a wonderful personality. I couldn't get enough of him. I loved reading about him and looked forward to the scenes that he was in eagerly. I absolutely loved him. I already said that, didn't I? But this is just to let you know how much I meant it!THE SISTERTATIANA NORTHWhat a freaking brat! I realize that that was the point, but still. Anyway, she came around in the end, and there was definitely something to admire in her actions.THE FATHERZACHARIAH NORTHI know what it's like to not get along at all with your father, and I really sympathized with Elliot on this front. When he antagonized her, I really understood what she was going through and it helped me identify with her. It brought me closer to Elliot, even though I absolutely hated Zachariah. He was a complete jerk!THE FLEETFELICIA INNVOVATIONI loved Felicia! She had life in her. Life and loss and love. (I love alliteration, don't you?) Anyway, Felicia was awesome! I liked how real she was. I really felt a connection to her, too. She helps mentor Elliot and takes her under her wing when her father won't. Under her, Elliot grows as a person. Felicia is so nourishing and sweet in her own way, and I really liked her.ANDROMEDA PHOENIXI liked Andromeda. Her story is so heartbreaking, and even though she has a tough shell, it's easy to see that she isn't always so tough underneath, and we've all felt that way at one point or another. Vulnerable. I really liked her and while she definitely wasn't the easiest character to understand, she was one of the most interesting.DONOVAN PHOENIXI liked Donovan, too. He's broken and fragile for much of the book, but slowly he grows stronger. He learns to love again and, moreover, to really live again. I absolutely loved him, and would be very satisfied if we were to get a novella from his POV. (Hint-hint.)THE PLOTThe plot was amazing.Again, I feel like I will probably appreciate it more once I have read Persuasion, but still.Some things bothered me because they were far too coincidental, which was really irritating. I don't like it at all when things fit together too nicely. It's annoying and nothing like life.Also, the flashbacks or whatever you'd like to call them weren't in order, which drove me insane. I know they were trying to make a point relevant to the chapter, but it was just freaking irritating. I could never figure out what was going on and it drove my crazy, as I've said. Too much to keep track of.Above all, For Darkness Shows the Stars is a love story. Not everyone will agree with me on that front, but that's the way I choose to see it.Sure, there was a ton of stuff going on all around them that affected both Elliot's past and present choices, but to me, it was always a love story and there was nothing that could change that.THE ROMANCEAh, the romance. Elliot and Kai were literally made for each other. Sure, they struggle through that, and for a long time Kai stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that. Still, he comes around (of course!). The romance is so sweet and a tad underdeveloped, but there's so much chemistry that is doesn't really matter so much. They fit together perfectly and when they're together, it was like nothing could ever come between them. Sounds horribly cheesy but it's true. I loved the romance so much. I felt what Elliot was feeling, and I really felt like I was a part of it.THE WRITINGI love Diana's writing! It's so beautiful. Sometimes it can get a little confusing, though. Several sentences I had to go over two or three times before I could understand them, but that was fine. Honestly, it was really amazing despite its problems. I could picture everything so beautifully, and the world-building is incredible and expertly executed.THE ENDINGThe ending was perfect. It satisfied my romantic-to-a-fault heart absolutely. It was a but too pretty and clean, but whatever! I loved it, and I wouldn't have chosen a different ending if I could. Elliot and Kai belong together, and this ending was perfect. It even made me cry, it was so beautiful. Happy tears are the way a book should end.WRAPUPI loved this book a ridiculous amount of much, and I absolutely can't wait until I can read more of Diana's books! In fact, I'll be doing so soon and eagerly. I can't wait to dive into more of her worlds, as she's done such an incredible job with this one.FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!