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Daphne and The Mysterious Girls Secret Bathroom Society - Robert  Shields ***FINAL RATING: 3.25 STARS***CATCHALLI really did like this book. I didn't find it spectacular, but I honestly really did enjoy it. Even if the title is a tad bit too long. The idea was unique and while I think it could have been developed further, the execution was not shabby and I really have so many good things to say about this book. It was one of the most fun books that I've read in a long time and I cannot wait to read more.THE HEROINEDAPHNEI'm not sure how to feel about Daphne. On one hand, I loved that she was plucky and relatable. On the other, once she knew about magic, she had no problem using it left and right like a crutch. A dangerous and a bit ridiculous crutch. Still, she was a pretty admirable character, and I definitely liked her.THE GIRLSLILAI liked Lila, although she was a bit polarizing and kind of condescending, which is never cool. I seriously had some issues with her, despite liking her. Sometimes I wanted to slap her. Still, she's a good friend, and definitely forgiving.VIVIANOh, I actually kind of liked her in some ways, although in others I didn't. She definitely has her faults, but then so do we all. Underneath he exterior, she's a really interesting person and I really found myself admiring her income ways. She's really strong, and has a good will, and I don't believe she's a bad person at heart.THE BOYSKYLEOh God, he was disgusting. He disgusted me. I completely hated him and wanted to punch him in the neck. He is exactly the type of guy I avoid and the reason why I've never dated anyone my age. High school boys tend to have low maturity levels, which Kyle is a spectacular exemplar of.JOHN DAVIDHmm, well, I liked him better than Kyle, which, you know, is not saying a lot. Still, he wasn't an awful character, so that gives him points in my book.THE PLOTI really liked the idea of this plot. It was really original and unique, and Robert had some awesome ideas.While it was a little bit predictable, some things were completely unexpected and it kept me on my toes enough that I didn't feel cheated by the things that were predictable.Also, the ideas and the magic were completely amazing. I loved that it was so original and unlike anything I've ever read about before.I did think the magic was used a bit too much, as I've said before. I think it went a bit to extremes and was a bit ridiculous at some points, but overall I think it was very good.Also, what high school has a playground? With swings?THE ROMANCEThe romance wasn't too heavy, which was nice. Except that it involved the disgusting Kyle, which was anything but. Still, it wasn't extremely instalovey or anything, and it wasn't the main focus of the story, so that was really nice. I liked that it was a background thing so as not to draw attention away from the story.THE WRITINGRobert has really awesome writing. It's a bit juvenile, but with time it I know it will improve. There is so much potential Everything flows so nicely and there's a lovely and slightly lyrical feel to the writing that I love. It really helped contribute to my enjoyment of the novel.THE ENDINGI thought the ending was a bit abrupt, but, well, it was actually pretty good. Even if it was kind of weird, it fit he story pretty well but left room for the beginning of new conflicts and more adventure in magic.WRAPUPThis was a really good book and I really liked it. I definitely know that I want to read more and find out that is going to happen next! This story drew me in and I really felt potential within some of the characters. I just know that as the story develops, there will be so much more to love.FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!