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Fairyland - J.L. Bryan *****FINAL RATING: 4.65 STARS*****CATCHALLI love these books. I really do. For one thing, they are incredibly addicting. Once I start, I never want to stop. For another, they continue to become better and better and I am almost afraid to see how spectacular the next book will be! I completely adored this installment. With excellent character growth and a beautiful plot, it irrevocably drew me in and didn't let me go until I had finished it in its entirety.THE HERO JASONI have no idea how Jason continues to grow as a character, but he does. In every single book he becomes more mature but not so mature that he becomes boring. It's sweet how much he cares about his sister. Also, he is very clearly smart, which is awesome, since I'm tired of reading about idiot heroes who I will not name but anyway, moving on! Jason is probably one of my favorite heroes ever! (But do NOT tell any of my other favorite heroes that. They will get jealous.)THE LOVE INTERESTERINI adore Erin. She's such a relatable and awesome character and maybe even one of my all-time favorites. She finally makes a choice I'm very happy with in this book and stands up for herself in a good way. She might even have the biggest character arc so far from the first book as far as I'm concerned. She's always been sweet, and I've always liked her, but she's definitely changed along the way, and in the most marvelous way!THE OTHER BAND MEMBERSMITCHMitch is ridiculous, but I love him. He's remained the same and different since the first book, and yes, I do enjoy saying things that don't make any sense. But, seriously, he's such a fun character. He's impulsive, but that only makes everything more fun! We can't all be focused all the time. That's boring.DREDDred still remains the voice of reason, only not completely, which is nice. She's not nearly as boring as she used to be. I'd even say that sometimes, she can be fun! She definitely has a good head on her shoulders and usually manages to cleverly get the band out of tight spots. I really do like her, and learning more about her will be a pleasure.THE LUTISTAOIDEAoide is an awesome character, too. I adore her. She's no longer just a fluffy faery. Sure, she doesn't always make the smartest decisions, but if she did, she wouldn't be Aoide and would also be boring. I love her attitude and how she gets so excited over things! She's an adorable character. I definitely want to see the way she keeps developing because I know that she will, and what direction her life will take her in now.THE QUEENSGUARD CAPTAINICARUSI love Icarus. I'm not entirely sure why, but whatever. That's so not important. He's actually not in this book very much at, but that's totally irrelevant. I so want to know more about him, and I think he's awesome. Awesome gold, actually. ;) Obviously he has his problems, but you know, they could be worse problems.THE PLOTSo many twists and turns! It was impossible for me to guess what was going to happen next because there are so many times where the plot goes in a totally different direction than what I was expecting and random but awesome events happen, keeping me completely on my toes.So many things are just so unexpected! Which is good, because nothing is more boring than predictability in a book. I love the element of surprise in every aspect of the plot, and the way I can never be sure what is going to happen next.There are so many twists on traditional fantastical elements, too. (Werewalruses, anyone? Mermaids as pirates?) I probably shouldn't say anything, but I just can't resist. This stuff is too awesome not to mention. I absolutely adore it, and it's completely fascinating. It thrills me just to think about it. Reading about it is like being in heaven, or something.Also, one of the best parts about this plot is that we see so much more of Fairyland than ever before! Until this point, there hasn't been a whole lot of Fairyland to see, but I knew when I saw this title that that was about to change! Now, there's so much more new stuff to see, and it's awesome! I actually won't even bother to try and describe how much I loved everything because I would not be able to do it justice.THE ROMANCEI love the way Erin and Jason's relationship grows in every book. It seems in this book like finally all the rough edges have been smoothed out, but I'm pretty sure there are more rocky times ahead! It's definitely a dynamic relationship and anything but boring. The spark between them is practically tangible and it only gets stronger as time goes on. It develops so realistically and prettily but not too smoothly ;)THE WRITINGJeff's writing has got to be some of my favorite ever. His description is beyond gorgeous. I can literally picture Fairyland and all these awesome places that he describes. That's always a good thing! And of course, the dialogue just…glitters. It does. I can't resist its pull. I love the way that every single person has a distinct voice. It sparkles in the most beautiful way. I love that. When an author has good writing, it makes my world happier. More gold.THE ENDINGFairyland ended on the perfect note. There's a definite cliffhanger, but it's not so cruel that I feel like, you know, doing something that's probably not legal. Yet, it left me wanting so much more! So much is resolved, and it's not dragged out for an necessary length of time. Instead, it moves on!WRAPUPI'm seriously not sure if I'll ever get enough of these books. They're awesome gold, and highly recommended! I'm not even kidding when I say that if you haven't read them yet, you should go and get started right now. I for one cannot wait to know what happens next!FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!