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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman *****FINAL RATING: 5.00 STARS*****CATCHALLSeraphina was easily one of the most amazing books I've ever read. It deserves every single one of the five stars that I have given it. Seriously, it was just…awesome. If I had the words to describe how awesome this book was, I'd happily do so. But there are no English words capable of expressing how truly awesome this book was. I absolutely loved this book. It was not only a wonderful fresh twist on dragons, but it awesome world-building and is seriously unlike any fantasy I've ever read, and I love fantasy.THE HEROINE SERAPHINASeraphina is such an incredible and relatable heroine. She doesn't just accept that she's half-dragon. She rebels against it and wants nothing more than to be human. She tries to push her dragon inheritance away and be only human, but she can't. It's a part of who she is, and the way she slowly begins to accept that at a rational and believable pace makes her one of my favorite heroines. She's brave and sometimes a bit impulsive, but no one is perfect, and Seraphina's flaws make her a better character. She's not polarizing at all. She's not even always honest, but somehow she found her way into my heart nonetheless.THE LOVE INTEREST LUCIAN KIGGSKiggs is the prince and Captain of the Guard, and a wonderfully developed character as well. He had depth and conflict. He isn't patronizing . He's forgiving, but he also doesn't just go around forgiving things randomly. When Seraphina does something that hurts him, he is angry before he forgives her. I love that about him. Kiggs is a strong character and it's easy to get a read on his personality, but not so easy that it's boring.THE MENTORORMAActually, I really liked Orma. He's so stiff on the outside, but it doesn't take a genius to tell that there's conflict and struggle with emotions in his heart. He obviously cares about Seraphina, and that warmed my heart. He's definitely not sweet, but he's got a softness to him that I like.THE PRINCESSGLISSELDAGlisselda was such a bubbly character with such a fun personality that it was pretty much impossible not to like her at least a little. She can be a bit naïve about some things, but it's clear that she's intelligent at the same time. I am looking forward to hearing more about her, and watching her grow into her role.THE PLOTSeraphina seriously had one of my favorite plots ever. There are so many favorite things I have to say about this book. But I mean them all.I mean, to begin with, it was incredibly unique. A half-dragon girl? Nothing gets more amazing than that. It's a brilliant idea, and one that is fleshed out beautifully. The entire take on dragons was wonderful. I've never read anything like it. Dragons can take human form and they're an important part of politics and everyday life. Put bluntly, it's unique and awesome. Probably one of the most amazing takes on dragons in existence.And everything about it flows so smoothly and awesomely and it would have been literally impossible not to fall in love. From the first pages, I was completely drawn into Seraphina's world. Everything is so beautiful and gorgeous.One thing turns into the next, until there's a long chain of wonderful and connected events. There are so many twists that I never saw coming but absolutely adored. Rachel constantly kept me guessing, never sure what was going to happen next. I was in constant anticipation of the next event. I couldn't wait to finish, but at the same time I didn't want it to end!Really, I loved Seraphina's plot. It was totally original and such a fresh story. Additionally, it was fun and enjoyable!THE ROMANCEThe romance in this book was adorable, too. It develops slowly, yet potently, and doesn't feel like instalove at all. I loved watching every minute of it. Seraphina and Kiggs make such an unlikely couple, but seeing them interact makes it obvious that they're perfect for each other. The spark between them feels genuine and is obvious from the beginning, yet takes its time to grow. It's actually a little heartbreaking, but and so sweet and sad too.THE WRITINGRachel has some of the most gorgeous writing I've ever seen. The description is gorgeous and so is the world-building. In fact, it's magnificent. Incredible. Again, I just truly have no words. It's so awesome I can't describe it with words. And Seraphina's voice is so heartbreakingly real. It makes her likable and relatable at once. And the dialogue, too, is beyond gorgeous. I could read writing like this all the time.THE ENDINGThe ending of Seraphina left me feeling supremely satisfied. Much was resolved and not dragged out for an unnecessarily long period of time. Instead, it ends at the perfect place, with a stunning revelation that draws everything to a close beautifully. Yet, though the ending was perfect, it left me wanting more! Even though everything closed so flawlessly, of course I wanted to know what happens next.WRAPUPI adored this book. Not only is it the ideal fantasy, but I really couldn't have asked for more in any book. It's everything a book should be and really even goes above and beyond that. It is without a doubt one of my all-time favorites, and I'll be eagerly anticipating the next book! If it's half as amazing as the first, that will be twice as much as I could want.FINE.Find more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!