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Fox Forever - Mary E. Pearson ****FINAL RATING: 3.85 STARS****CATCHALLI read The Adoration of Jenna Fox what feels like ages ago, though it can't have been that long. I loved it from the start and was too nervous to read the other two books for a long time. But I finally did, and I don't regret it at all. It was an emotional book that was everything I needed, and an unputdownable thriller at the same time. I loved it wholly. THE HEROLOCKEI really love Locke. I do. He has issues, but he doesn't let them control him. He mostly knows who he is and what he's doing, though he still struggles sometimes to figure it out. He also learns when to let things go, which was beautiful. Locke really makes a wide character arc in this book, and watching him change for the better was unbelievable and wonderful. THE LOVE INTERESTRAINERaine is a no-nonsense girl who know what she wants. However, she didn't expect Locke and she isn't entirely sure how to deal with him. She's no delicate flower, and I love that she has actual reactions to things. Though she's strong both inside and outside, she does have a more sensitive side that comes out sometimes. THE OLD FRIENDJENNAJenna is the one who really ties all of this together, and I never tire of seeing her. Her life is hard, but it's a life, and being old she's very, very wise. She seems to know many times things she won't say, and she's also very compassionate yet bold. Her story is irrevocably connected to that of Locke, and they're both a part of each other. THE PLOTFox Forever is fast-paced, with a lot of suspense. There are constantly more secrets being uncovered, new hidden agendas. It's difficult to ever know where the plot is really going until it gets there. Thousands of plot twists, but I loved them. Even though I knew there would be many I still couldn't even begin to guess what they were! This book definitely kept me on my toes. I also love the whole originality factor. It's a super-unique world with a unique plot. It's definitely not like anything I've read before, and its uniqueness also really made the story more special. Some things did feel entirely too coincidental, and I also feel like some things were just made too easy. There wasn't quite enough struggle in some parts. Certainly, however, I did really, really love this book. It broke my heart and played with my emotions a lot. I was a wreck by the time this was finished. It was a much deeper story than it first appeared to be. THE ROMANCEI absolutely loved the way the romance was done. It's perfect. It also made my heart just ache and ache. Throughout it all, there's a certain level of sadness to it, a level of sacrifice that needs to be made, and impossible choices. It's not like any romance I've seen before and I truly found it enjoyable. The chemistry is awesome as well, and hot from the beginning. THE WRITINGMary's writing is so, so beautiful. I love how each of her characters has an individual voice. Locke comes across as strong yet vulnerable, and we see a side of him we might not have otherwise. I also love her descriptions of the world that he lives in. It's unique and high-tech. She also has great character dynamic. THE ENDINGI started crying before I even got to the end. This was an absolutely heartbreaking book. The ending was perfect, but it also ripped my heart right out of my chest. Even so, it couldn't have been better. It ended exactly the way it needed to end and I felt wholly satisfied. It was the perfect ending to the trilogy as a whole as well and left me feeling fulfilled. WRAPUPI am definitely a fan of this series, and I absolutely will be keeping up with Mary to see what she writes next. I'm also going to check out some of her other books! I highly recommend this series, especially if you're a science fiction lover. But really, anyone can enjoy this series. So I truly do suggest that you give it a shot. FINE. Read more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!