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The Bitter Kingdom - Rae Carson This book sucked. I only read it because there was nothing else on my kindle I felt like reading although I have not read the first two books. I did give it two stars since because of that, although chances are it would have gotten the one star I really want to give it. There are so many problems with this book. Here are only some of them:The freaking inconsistencies. Who the fuck edited this?The annoying and pretentious tone. The cardboard characters. The dependence on magic. The way everything worked out without all that much effort. The weird, awkward, and totally of pacing that was sometimes lightning fast and sometimes molasses slow. The heroine, who I wanted to punch. The unexplained things which may have been explained in previous books but I seriously doubt it. The poor quality of the writing. The stupid ending. I have way more problems with this book than just these, but we'd be here all day, so I'm going to stop here. Ugh.